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Face fitness

1. Face Fitness

The best result comes from combining different techniques for face and body. An extraordinary synergy is created.

I show you that anything is possible when you have blind faith.

Your vision expands with each practice. You see on your own face how your daily emotions are reflected and marked on it.

You learn to erase these effects.

In 10 minutes of exercises a day you work all areas of the face – the oval, the cheeks, the eye contour and the forehead.

The Face Fitness redefines the muscles in the areas that support the fat of the face such as the cheekbones and the eyelids and restores their volume.

This method also includes exercises to loosen overworked muscles and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Every cell, muscle and tissue return to their original shape and position as they were when you were younger. The magic is real.

2. Lymphatic Drainage Of The Body

Mastering the technique of lymphatic drainage of the body transforms your quality of life to a higher level than ever before.

You discover a feeling of lightness and an overflow of energy.

A practice of 5 to 10 minutes a day is enough to immediately see more and more results every day.

Your bond with your body becomes very strong. You get all the answers inside your body and learn to listen to it. It always knows everything (long before your head and your mind).

And icing on the cake, lymphatic drainage is the best slimming method. It allows you to lose centimeters by constantly eliminating water retention.

You always keep your superb shape without following the strict diets and even during the holidays (when some exceptions are naturally part of the program).

3. Self-Massage & Intraoral part

By using the ÖKO self-massage technique, you perform a powerful face lift whenever and wherever you want.

Lymphatic circulation is accelerated for rapid elimination of waste. Your face deflates and lights up.

You fabulously increase the firmness of all areas of the face. Your skin is elastic and plump.

The depressor muscles (those that give us a bad mood) relax.

It is excellent to master this technique for a good application of daily care.

Intra-oral massage smoothes puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines on the lower and center face directly from inside the mouth.

This technique creates space. You physically feel that the inside of your mouth regains the templates/dimensions of your youth.

You are on top of your game but at the same time very relaxed.

4. Taping

The taping acts in double action – it relieves the accumulated tensions and lifts the face naturally by the adhesive strips.

The tapes act in all layers of the skin. They are specifically adapted to the sensitive skin of the face.

You move the tissue micromillimeter by micromillimeter to create a metamorphosis on your face.

The ÖKO technique respects the location and direction of each muscle. Once well positioned, you let them act for several hours or all night for a lifted face when you wake up.

The magic happens and the Sleeping Beauty effect is guaranteed in the morning!

5. Superlifting with Cups

The virtuosity of superlifting with cups is in the intense activation of the lymphatic system.

You gently suck 10% of the skin into a glass suction cup especially designed for the face. You slide it over your face first for drainage and then for a big lift. It leaves no trace.

This technique unties the blood capillaries to eliminate wrinkles, enhance sagging areas and relax accumulated tension in the muscles.

The WOW effect is guaranteed in 10 minutes.

It’s the return of the babyface.

Your face is radiant, its glow is unprecedented. Your skin is smooth, firm and elastic.

The cupping superlift is a perfect technique for a holiday weekend, honeymoon, any special occasion when you want to have your most beautiful look.