Become your own personal BEAUTY GURU!

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QUANTUM REJUVENATION Retreat Original price was: 3,300.00 €.Current price is: 2,450.00 €.


10 – 14 October 2024 in Athens, Greece

Upgrading your Personality leads to a powerful visual upgrade in physical appearance.
A New Body activates a New Life.

Creating a NEW quality in any part of Life is efficient when a person learns the super qualities of his higher parts – Consciousness and true Self. In other words, the three-dimensional perception of the world becomes five-dimensional. It is the only possible way to make very deep changes in a very short time.

This is exactly what we are going to do on this retreat.

1. Work on the Consciousness level
  • Laser-sharp consciousness technology for deep 5D rejuvenation on a physical, emotional and mental level.
  • Transformation of the heaviness and fatigue accumulated over the years.
  • Intensive healing of connective tissue & fascia damage caused by psychological pain.
  • Precise Manifesting of a Young, Supple, Strong and Healthy Body.

2. Work on your physical Body & Face

  • Lightness and Slimness through Lymphatic Drainage. You learn a system that allows you to choose and adjust your own body shape.
  • Relaxation of Face muscles as a key element for deep relaxation of your whole being.
  • Face Taping techniques for spectacular Lifting of the tissues.
  • Window Opening approach to Eye Opening, stimulating also the quality of Seeing.
  • Relaxation of the Mouth area, which brings immediate release up to deep layers of the pelvis and for women to the womb.

Deep-level Relaxation is a state of Youth that instantly slows down all aging processes. Confined energy is released in a very large amount and this gives you the fresh new energy flow to enjoy life and take action. The deeper you can relax into and maintain this state, the younger, healthier and more attractive you look physically.

Price of the Retreat:
2450€ Early Bird until 31.07.2024
2950€ Regular Bird until 31.08.2024
3300€ if any places left

You can choose your own accommodation and flight options. Upon request, I am delighted to give our best recommendations.

You are very welcome to contact me on any additional questions and we can book a discovery call.