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Before / After

Glowy Face at 35

The entire face is lifted with the main focus on the eye-opening effect. The nose is refined, the temples are uplifted and the eye area widened to a seductive cat’s eye shape. The oval of the face is well contoured thanks to the relaxation of the jaw and a delightful volume around the cheekbones. The neck is elongated and refined.

Plumped Face at 45

The eyes are fully open. The forehead is lifting the entire upper face. Muscle tensions have disappeared, the lips are no longer tight, instead they are plumped. The mouth asymmetry is removed. The nose is thin and the nasolabial folds faded. You see a beautiful improvement in the complexion.

Fresh Touch at 29

The oval of the face is plumped up and the shadows have disappeared, you see a youthful babyface instead. The eye area is wide open and the upper eyelids lifted. The nose is thinner and the nasolabial folds have vanished. No more tensions, the chin as well as the entire area around the mouth are pleasingly relaxed.

Beautiful Oval at 50

The oval of the face is refined, the double chin smaller and the neck elongated, making the lady visually younger. The initial Botox look has become a natural look. Her complexion is unified and bright.