Become your own personal BEAUTY GURU!

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Self-Massage & Intraoral part

By using the ÖKO self-massage technique, you perform a powerful face lift whenever and wherever you want.

Lymphatic circulation is accelerated for rapid elimination of waste. Your face deflates and lights up.

You fabulously increase the firmness of all areas of the face. Your skin is elastic and plump.

The depressor muscles (those that give us a bad mood) relax.

It is excellent to master this technique for a good application of daily care.

Intra-oral massage smoothes puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines on the lower and center face directly from inside the mouth.

This technique creates space. You physically feel that the inside of your mouth regains the templates/dimensions of your youth.

You are on top of your game but at the same time very relaxed.