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  • Face fitness
  • 250
    5 hours
  • You will learn a routine of exercises in order to train the 57 muscles of our face. We focus on different areas – neck, mouth and lips, cheeks, eyes and forehead. You learn the right posture and to feel different areas of your face and RELAX them combined with specific training. Once the new techniques are familiar, you can see by doing it daily, your face glowing and being lifted immediately.

    • Introduction to different face muscles: introducing lifestyle and aging changes on face, analyzing bad habits to avoid
    • Exercises for all the areas of the face, combining relaxing some muscles and training others
    • Very simple and efficient relaxing techniques for everyday use
  • AUTO lymphatique drainage
  • 180
    2 hours
  • This simple and efficient training teaches how to stimulate lymphatic system on your face and body in order to diminish the appearance of puffiness like swallowed eye area and the sensation of ‘heavy’ feet etc. in our bodies.

    • Exercises help to speed up metabolism and circulation of lymphatic system in human body.
  • Vacuum cupping
  • 190
    3 hours
  • I will give personal recommendations according to your face type, age and other personal features. Helps to improve complexion and heal skin having different skin problems like acne and rosacea.

    • Qualified teacher
    • Learn all the different vacuum cupping massage techniques
    • Learn to use the right amount of vacuum
    • Understand where the essential muscles are and where to place the cups
    • Vacuum cupping is perfect to use before an important event
    • It is recommended once in 7 – 14 days
    • I will give personal recommendations to everyone during my trainings.