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Sandalo Sandalwood Toning Mist78.00 



Mist delivers hydration to skin, leaving skin plump and dewy. Skin is prepped for the oil step of applying nourishing face nectars.

Immerse your cells in hydration while protecting the skin’s hydro-lipid barrier. Super healing sandalwood delivers deep hydration and primes skin for moisture treatment.

Remove traces of cleanser and balances skin’s PH and while flooding cells with antioxidants from organically farmed Hawaiian sandalwood.

An addictively aromatic tonic that is an earthy-green toning mist. This sexy spray is subtle enough to be used throughout the day as a skin refresher. Smoky quartz works as our spiritual satellite connecting heaven and earth. This grounding crystal infusion anchors us to earth while keeping our spirit connected to the celestial world.

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