Become your own personal BEAUTY GURU!

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Shot of Youth 188.00  80 minutes


80 minutes

A personnalized 1 to 1 signature treatment for Face and Body. I check your posture, the symmetry of your body and show you the possible upgrades. I stretch your body, relax your muscles and lift the tissues, re-creating the Babyface of your youth. You learn A LOT about yourself.

I work on the shape of your skull, which defines the shape and proportions of your face, including the opening of your eyes and the size of your lips. I open your eye area, instantly reducing bags and wrinkles around the eyes. I raise the cheekbones, which makes your face look more youthful, always remaining a younger version of YOURSELF ! 😉 Smooth and natural.

I work on the body and tissues in the deepest layer, both energetically and physically. You experience a very unique treatment in the world. You will see INSTANT RESULTS in the mirror. Your appearance is fresh and luminous. Your blood and lymphatic circulation works on the fast track. The feeling of well-being and energy is extraordinary, comparable to returning home from a long relaxing vacation.

I use the best botanical skincare products. This treatment is 100% organic and FULL OF MAGIC.

* Cures of 5 + 1 or 10 + 3 sessions are also available, one session starting from 145 €. Ask me directly.