Become your own personal BEAUTY GURU!

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Power of Youth6,000.00 


VIP program

Restoring youthful beauty, power and the joy of life

Instructors: Annika Allikmäe & Mari Lakspere

Duration: 2 months

You have the opportunity to work 1 to 1 with top players in their field at the international level.


  • Taking Kriya yoga laser precise technologies to your own daily life
  • You learn how to get back the strength and energy, at 50s the bubbling energyand joy of life of the 30s and not to lose it anymore.
  • You discover how to actually live ALL THE TIME in a state of flow instead of feelingconstant stress.
  • You clean out the damage of life traumas such as burnouts, crises, failures,bankruptcies, separations, etc from your body.
  • You start to practice the lymphatic drainage of the body. This is a life-changing10-minute daily exercise program in the form of exercises and massage. You obtain individualized knowledge of the lymphatic circulation and your OWN body.
  • We work with your FACE, analyzing and optimizing the shape of the face, releasing tension in the jaw and lips, opening the eyes. With precise cupping massage and taping techniques adapted to yourself, we can make the face look fresh and young, smooth wrinkles that have already appeared.
  • We make a powerful 100% natural lifting for the entire body.

Format :

  • 8 one-to-one meetings with your mentors
  • Private Slack channel for direct contact and asking questions

Being devoted and practicing daily (with the precision that you mentors give you), you can rejuvenate your physical appearance as well as the way you feel in your body, at least 8 years back.

The wisdom that you gain about yourself and your body will remain with you for your whole life.